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Meet the Team

Mom & Dad

21, living and working in Isithebe, mom met a charming Greek man. Soon after they were married, she was whisked off from her family in KwaZulu-Natal to start life abroad in Athens. When arriving in Greece, she could barely cook let alone speak Greek! This posed a big problem as she was required to feed an indulged Greek husband as well as entertain regular large groups of visitors and friends - as Greeks are known for eating socially and in abundance. My mother quickly began searching for dummy-proof Greek recipes to fulfill her marital duties... 

Fortunately she met and befriended a local Greek lady who shared much of her knowledge and understanding of traditional Greek meals with her. She also shared some quick and easy recipes that are simple yet delicious and make use of typical Greek products such as strained yoghurt and soft feta.

As a result of my mother’s new discovery and love for Greek food, my three siblings and I grew up in a home appreciating the true and authentic flavours of Greece.

In 1995, my parents moved back to South Africa and began farming sugar cane and free-range eggs. After successfully running the farm and educating four children, they sold with the aim of retirement.

Unable to handle the pace of retired life, my father chose to move up to the Midlands and buy a small-holding and start a new adventure. My parents decided to follow their passion for the genuine Greek taste and built a cheesery which opened its doors in 2012


After training as a teacher and working for a couple of years teaching primary school children. Filia felt the need for a change. She tried her hand at cheese making inbetween jobs with great sucess! With a natural talent and a new found love for cheese as well as a passion for training staff, this felt just right.

Son & Family

After 8 years in the UK, surrounded by the busyness of London life. It was time to come back to where my heart was. My lovely wife and I had started having those “early day’s” conversations about growing our family. We wanted our children to grow up in the countryside and South Africa would always be our home. After all there is no place like Africa. With a passion for food and the successful start of the Gourmet Greek we came to SA in 2015 to help grow the business. We brought with us a different set of talents as well as an inspired direction which also led to the birth of the blue cow deli.

The Staff

Here at the Gourmet Greek we believe our staff are the heart and soul of the business! They each come with a different set of strengths which we aim to enhance while allowing them to work in areas that they would like to see an improvement in and flourish as individuals.
One of our key values is empowerment and we strive to empower our staff, we hope that everyone who comes through the Gourmet Greek cheesery leaves with improved skills and knowledge to take out to life.

“Leadership is not wielding authority - its empowering people.” Becky Brodin

The Gourmet Greek staff (2)
The Gourmet Greek staff (1)
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