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Inside the Gourmet Greek Cheesery


Artisinal Handcrafted Cheese making

Cheese making to us is the point where art and science merge. A huge artistic license is available with some rules and certain guidelines to follow. We are learning every day. With passion and vision we are constantly pursuing excellence in all our cheeses. The factors that affect the flavour and taste are numerous from the terroir of the area, to the breed and genes of the animal, to the pasture or food, to the actual cheese making process, to the cheese cultures and moulds used and finally the maturing conditions. What this means is that there is such an exciting landscape for new exciting cheeses to be refined and flavours to be discovered...

It's not all glamorous!

Handcrafted cheese making is a physical and taxing work. We  believe that something special, some of the magic gets lost when milk gets turned into cheese through an automated mechanical process. What this means is that we work the cheese, we feel the curd​, we use a lot of the traditional ways. We strain naturally. All of this can be quite physical but we believe the result is worth the effort!

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