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Soft Spreadable Cheese

Soft spreadable cheese is a fresh textured cream cheese, flavored with herbs and spices. It is smooth and creamy, yet slightly crumbly. Silky but slightly dry.

Soft spreadable cheese is perfect for spreading on crackers and it's even better for cooking! Try using it as a decadent filling in an omelette and be blown away by the taste!

Not Only One of a Kind!

Soft spreadable cheese is made with the freshest full cream milk we can find, filled with selected cheese cultures, non-animal Rennet, CaCl, Salt and Zeroblow! This makes it rich in flavor and full in texture. 


Not only does it have one flavor, it is available in THREE different flavors! These flavors include Chili & Garlic, Mixed Herbs & Garlic, Black Pepper!

Soft Spreadable Cheese w black
Soft Spreadable Cheese mixed herbs.jpg
Soft Spreadable Cheese w chilli and garl
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