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Meet chef Sharon

Q&A with chef Sharon

  1. Tell us a little bit about you?

Hi, my name is Sharon Sibahle Mdima born on 2 May 1994. I am a young aspiring chef from Newlands East, Durban. I am the youngest girl after 2 older brothers, 2 older sisters, and I have a baby brother!) My training started in and around Durban at hotels such as Garden Court Marine Parade, Elangeni Hotel and Maharani hotel. My most memorable time whilst training was at the The Ritz Carlton in Naples Florida and Chatham Bars in Massachusetts.

2. Why did you decided to become a chef?

At first it was about eating the food, but I then realised it gives me joy to work with good food – especially plating, pleasing guests and hearing good commentary. To me food is like art, and I also believe I have the patience required to work in a kitchen.

3. What was the first meal you cooked?

I honestly do not remember! But the one dish I do remember that I liked to prepare was lasagne. This was back in high school!

4. What is your favourite Greek meal to cook?

Moussaka – the customers always rave about it! If they are happy I am happy 😊

5. Which is your favourite Gourmet Greek product? And what recipe/dish would you use it in?

The double cream Greek yoghurt – the thick texture and creaminess is a winner. A dish I would use it in is yoghurt panna cotta with raspberry pulp.

6. What inspires you?

The passion I have for food, the industry and working in a kitchen with different characters and personalities. My professional inspiration is Marco Pierre White, Michael Symon and Paul Hollywood.

7. Favourite ingredient to use when cooking?

Definitely duck!

8. What do you aspire to?

I aspire to working my way up the ladder and opening my own restaurant and catering company one day.

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