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Our Cheeses

We specialize in all artisan cheeses! Ranging from White Mold Cheeses to Hard Cheeses! Giving you the best possible quality and taste so that you can choose the impossible, your favorite cheese!

Cream Cheeses

Using only the freshest milk and cream we can get our hands on, our cream cheese ranges in flavor from black pepper, chili and garlic to mixed herbs and garlic and providing a plain cream cheese that you can flavor as you please.


This semi-hard, unripened cheese made from the finest cow's milk has a high melting point, making it perfect for frying or grilling!

Feta Cheese.png

Cheese Spread

Limited edition cheese spread! Rich, creamy and absolutely delicious! Don't miss out on this gem!


White Mold Cheeses

Creamy, rich and full of flavour, our white mold cheeses are guaranteed to leave you breathless! Made from pure cow's milk you can be assured that you will want more! 

Soft Spreadable Cheese w chilli & Gar

Hard Cheeses

These cheeses are aged for six months and beyond, giving you a less moist, more firm cheese that is perfect for cooking, melting or snacking on!

Feta Cheese

Traditional plain feta and feta with black pepper! Delicious, crumbly and ready to feast on!

cheese Spread

Our Yoghurts

Staying true to our Greek routs, we make our yoghurts the original Greek way, strained, thick and tastier than ever!

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