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About Us

Handcrafted cheese & Yoghurt

Based in the heart of the Midlands, KwaZulu-Natal on a small estate, we hand-craft and sell a unique range of cheeses and double- thick, traditionally strained Greek yoghurt.


The Gourmet Greek is a family business which was founded in 2012 and since then has been passionately producing excellent cheeses and yoghurt.

Pasteurised and hand-crafted to the highest standards, our cheeses use full cream milk which is locally sourced from neighbouring dairy farmers. We ensure that every mouthful of cheese and yoghurt tastes absolutely delicious. 

Gourmet Greek Cheese.jpg
Gourtmet Greek Cheese.jpg

Although small and young, our passion and commitment to producing quality products has already been recognised, The Gourmet Greek won a DSTV Eat Out Food Network Produce Award in 2013.

Ultimately, we hope to share our passion for good food by ensuring that every mouthful is lovingly made by hand and expresses what the Gourmet Greek stands for.

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