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making great cheese at the gourmet greek

Great cheese comes from great milk

Making great cheese at the Gourmet Greek

Fresh Milk is collected daily

Milk is tested prior to collection

The milk is then further tested at the cheesery and heated or pasteurized before cheese making begins

Raw Milk

Refrigerated tank

Milk is stored in cooling tanks before collection


The milk is then pumped into one of our cheese vats. Special ingredients called starter cultures are added to give the desired cheese flavour. Rennet is then added to thicken the milk. The thick set milk called curd is cut into small pieces and allowed to rest for a few minutes. The curd stirring begins which releases liquid whey from the solid curd. The curd is then stirred further and then most of the whey is drained.


The curd is then scooped into cheese forms where it drains or is pressed


The cheese is then moved into an aging room. We age some of our cheeses up to 12 months!

Our Gourmet Greek products are then packed and sent to a store near you!

We feed some local piggies the whey 

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