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Here at the Gourmet Greek we believe in producing only the best products, we ensure that all our products are of the most high quality and that every bite is rich with flavour and pure in ingredient. 

We try to produce the purest possible forms of artisanal cheeses and we are known for our unique double thick, traditionally stained Greek yogurt.


With fresh milk from our neighbouring farmers, we produce expert cheeses in a world-class cheesery set in the lush KZN Midlands. 


The Gourmet Greek is a business which pride itself in sharing our passion for good food by ensuring that every mouthful is lovingly made by hand and expresses what the Gourmet Greek stands for.


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“Produces the BEST Greek yoghurt ever! 
Even my very fussy kid likes it as is - and that is saying something.” Glenda Kirkiridis

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